Are We Alright Again


Good Night On Earth

Happy Hour (We're Gonna Rock)

Susan's House (Live)

Eels - Prizefighter

Eels - Elizabeth on the bathroom floor

EELS - "Fresh Blood" [Official Video]

Novocaine For The Soul (Live)

Friendly Ghost - Eels

EELS - "Unhinged" (Official Video)


Today Is The Day

Bone Dry

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Live)

EELS The Good Old Days live in studio performance

Eels - What I Have To Offer

EELS - What's a Fella Gotta Do

EELS Cancer for the Cure LIVE

My Beloved Monster (Live)

What I Have To Offer


EELS Dog Faced Boy LIVE

Eels - Trouble With Dreams [Live]

Eels: Lone Wolf (Sixteen Tons, 2003 KCRW Session) 4/10

Eels: Numbered Days (Sixteen Tons, 2003 KCRW Session) 5/10

Missy - Get Ur Freak On - Remix Para Siempre

EELS Railroad Man LIVE

EELS- Flyswatter LIVE

Eels Rock Hard Times animated video - Rock

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