Scavenger Consuming Death


Evisceration Plague

Priests of Sodom

Sentenced to Burn

Death Walking Terror

Code of the Slashers

Demented Aggression

Sadistic Embodiment

Encased In Concrete

Make Them Suffer

Red Before Black

Decency Defied


Hammer Smashed Face

Kill or Become

Hammer Smashed Face (Live)

I Cum Blood Live

Frantic Disembowelment

Festering in the Crypt

Perverse Suffering (Live)

Shredded Humans (Live)

Stripped, Raped, And Strangled (Live)

Gutted (Live)

The Spine Splitter

Fucked with a Knife (Live)

Meathook Sodomy

Compelled to Lacerate

Devoured by Vermin (Live)

The Cryptic Stench

Festival Rocanrola

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