Fast Car

Give Me One Reason

Baby Can I Hold You

Fast Car (2015 Remaster)

Talkin' Bout a Revolution

Bang Bang Bang


Give Me One Reason (2015 Remaster)

Telling Stories

Across the Lines


At This Point in My Life

Smoke and Ashes

All That You Have Is Your Soul

Matters of the Heart

If Not Now...


Sing for You (Single Version; 2015 Remaster)

Remember the Tinman

Cold Feet

The Promise (2015 Remaster)

I'm Ready

For You


Be Careful of My Heart

Smoke and Ashes (2015 Remaster)

Heaven's Here on Earth

The Rape of the World

Talkin' Bout a Revolution (2015 Remaster)

All That You Have Is Your Soul (2015 Remaster)

You're the One

Tell It like It Is

Change (2015 Remaster)

Bang Bang Bang (2015 Remaster)

Let It Rain

Telling Stories (2015 Remaster)

Open Arms (2015 Remaster)

Never Yours

3,000 Miles


Subcity (2015 Remaster)

Say Hallelujah

Thinking of You


Stand by Me (Live at the Late Show with David Letterman)


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