Are You Hungry?

Go Away, Spooky Goblin!

Baby Shark Halloween

Rain Rain Go Away

Who Took The Cookie?

This Is the Way We Go to Bed

The Ants Go Marching #2

10 Little Fishies

Give Me Something Good To Eat

What's Your Favorite Color?

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

My Teddy Bear

Go Away!

Baby Shark

The Bees Go Buzzing


Row Row Row Your Boat

One for You, One for Me

Are You Hungry? (Sing-Along)

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?

Open Shut Them #2

I See Something Blue

How Many Fingers?


Rock Scissors Paper #1

My Yellow Car

Where Is Baby?

Who Took the Candy?

One Potato, Two Potatoes

Do You Like Pickle Pudding?

Peekaboo, I Love You

Mary Had A Kangaroo

If You're Happy and You Know it Shout Hoo-ray!

The Ice Cream Song

Five Little Monsters

I See Something Pink

What's Your Name?

Down In The Bay

What's This? What's That?

Butterfly Ladybug Bumblebee

Hello Hello!

Peekaboo Halloween

Follow Me

12 Days of Christmas

Five Little Chicks

Pass the Beanbag

Red Yellow Green Blue

Let’s Go for a Walk Outside

Six in the Bed

Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Noodle & Pals)

Five Little Ghosts

Driving In My Car

Line Up (Sing-Along)

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

As Quiet as a Mouse

Over the Deep Blue Sea

Here Is The Beehive

Who Took The Cookie? (On The Farm)

Hello, Trick or Treat?

10 Monsters in the Bed

Star Light, Star Bright

Pink Purple Orange Brown

Pop the Bubbles

The Alphabet Swing

Hush Little Baby

Everything is Going to Be Alright

The Rainbow Song (Sing-Along)


The Roly Poly Roll (Sing-Along)

Five Little Monkeys

Jingle Bells (Sing-Along)

Can You Make A Happy Face?

Five Creepy Spiders

The Pinocchio


Open Shut Them (Noodle & Pals)

10 Little Elves

The Shape Song #2

The Shape Song #1

Knock Knock, Trick or Treat (Pt. 2)

There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin

Down By The Spooky Bay

Rock Scissors Paper #2

Hello, My Friends

Santa Shark

Goodbye, My Friends

Peekaboo Christmas

Down by the Bay #2

Are You Sleeping, Baby Bear?

Santa's On His Way

Up On The Housetop

Rock Scissors Paper #4

Down By The Bay #3 (Sing-Along)

Here Comes the Fire Truck

And the Green Grass Grew

Red Light, Green Light

Halloween ABC Song

Let's Count to 100

The Jellyfish

Silent Night

When I Grow Up

See You Later


Once I Caught a Fish Alive

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