Perfect Strangers

Knocking At Your Back Door

Hush (Live At Hook End Manor, Berkshire/1988)

Soldier Of Fortune

Throw My Bones

Bad Attitude

Vincent Price

Call Of The Wild

Love Conquers All

Anya (Live)

Nothing at All

King Of Dreams

Drop the Weapon

We're All the Same in the Dark

Step by Step

No Need to Shout

The Long Way Round

The Power of the Moon

What the What

Remission Possible

Dancing in My Sleep


Child In Time (Live;2010 Digital Remaster)

Smoke on the Water (Live in Verona 2011)

Smoke On The Water (Live)

Highway Star (Live) [2012 Remix]

Smoke On the Water (Live in New York 1973)

Love Child (2002 Digital Remaster)

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (LIVE)

April (Part 1) (2002 Digital Remaster)

Highway Star (Live)

'A' 200 (2004 Digital Remaster)

Strange Kind of Woman (Live)

Highway Star (Live in Copenhagen 1972)

Smoke On the Water (Live)

All I Got Is You

Hey Joe (2003 Remix)

The Surprising (Live at Hellfest 2017)

Fireball (Live)

Smoke On The Water (Live In Osaka, Japan / 15th August 1972 / 2014 Remaster)

Deep Purple/Burn

Man Alive

Highway Star (Live at Wacken 2013)

Speed King (Live)

Rainbow In The Dark

Strange Kind of Woman (2002 Remastered Version)

Nobody's Home

Black Night (Live)

When A Blind Man Cries (Live)

Hard Lovin' Man (Live)

Black Night (Live)

Knocking At Your Back Door (Live)

Perfect Strangers (Live)

Johnny's Band

Perfect Strangers (Live in Tokyo 2014)

Perfect Strangers (Live)

Woman From Tokyo (Live)

Sitting in a Dream (Live)

Birds of Prey (Live at Hellfest 2017)

Uncommon Man

Hush (Live)

Space Truckin' (Live at Wacken 2013)

Knocking At Your Back Door (Live)

Pictures of Home

Smoke on the Water (Live in Tokyo 2014)

Under The Gun

Bloodsucker (Live at Hellfest 2017)

Paint It Black

Ted the Mechanic

Above and Beyond

Strange Kind Of Woman (2002 - Remaster)

Smoke on the Water (Live at Wacken 2013)

Fireball (LIVE)

Lazy (Live in Verona 2011) - Rock

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