This Is Your Time

1000 Miles Away

What's My Scene?

Night Must Fall

1000 Miles Away

The Right Time

I Don't Care (Recorded 'Live At The Wireless' on Triple J, March 1994)

What's My Scene


Miss Freelove '69 (Live)

Come Anytime

My Girl

Dig It Up

Like Wow - Wipeout!

I Want You Back

The Right Time

Death Defying

Waking Up Tired


Good Times

Waking Up Tired

You Open My Eyes (Live)

A Place In The Sun

Poison Pen

Turn Up Your Radio ('95)

If Only... (Live)

The Generation Gap (Live)


Less Than A Feeling

Nothing's Changing My Life


1000 Miles Away (Live)

I Want You Back (Live)

Another World (Live)

My Girl (Live)

Leilani 2000

Tojo (Live)

Like Wow-Wipeout (Live)

(Let's All) Turn On (Live) - Rock

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